“Roma strategies in practice – active citizens or underprivileged”

A significant amount of citizens living in rural areas are underprivileged; this especially applies to citizens of new member states. The main objective of the Ars Longa Artistic Association’s program is to, through developing international relationships between the Hungarian village of Cered and its twin towns, create the possibility of gaining a real-life experience of being an active European citizen and thus getting a better understanding of the economic and social problems deriving from being underprivileged.

In order to achieve this goal, the Association organizes thematic meetings and workshops, with the help of the European Union, during which citizens of rural areas become able to familiarize with the experiences of those living in partner towns; the main theme of the grant, besides the roma strategies of the individual countries, includes, among others, social and youth enterprises, innovative agricultural developments, as well as, cultural collaboration. The partner relationships of Cered (Hungary) bring underprivileged citizens, living in Northern-Hungary, closer to forming relationships with citizens of other countries, as well as, Hungarian and foreign representatives of the civilian sphere.

Due to the program, residents of Cered, Dobra (Romania), Lendava (Slovenia), Strobl (Austria) and Tachty (Slovakia) become more familiar with each other; they get to know what experiences citizens of the other countries gained in the aforementioned topics. The shared knowledge created through these meetings can mean a serious competitive edge in a rapidly changing social-economic environment.

The project is realized through the support of the European Union’s Europe for Citizens Program.